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In what situations must wisdom teeth be removed?

In what situations must wisdom teeth be removed?

When you hear the words « wisdom teeth », they usually come with the verb « remove ». Indeed, this pairing seems almost mandatory as it’s so often talked about by people around us! Yet, it’s not always the case. At Clinique Dentaire Champlain in Brossard, we have prepared this article so that you can know the reasons that justify wisdom teeth removal. Keep on reading to find out when wisdom teeth need to be removed!

Not enough space

It’s not everybody that has sufficient space behind their jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth. In this case, the teeth will only partially come out of the gums, or not come out at all. When this happens, we refer to the teeth as impacted wisdom teeth. This phenomenon  is not always problematic. However, the wisdom teeth will still try to make their way through and, in the process, push against the other teeth, displacing or damaging them.

Panoramic x-rays can help predict if the wisdom teeth will be a problem or not, and thus remove them if necessary before it becomes a problem.

A proclivity for cavities

Wisdom teeth that do not completely grow (called semi enclosed) are more difficult to access during brushing, which encourages cavity forming. When these present a risk of becoming frequent, the concerned teeth are removed. The same goes if a wisdom teeth fosters cavity forming on the neighboring teeth and prevents the dentist from treating it properly due to it being so close.

Recurring infections

When wisdom teeth cause pain, infection or inflammations repeatedly, it’s better to extract them. These problems usually arise from the presence of semi enclosed teeth, because they act as a perfect front door for bacteria, which then attack tissue around the teeth.

A lack of opposing teeth

Whether is because a wisdom teeth is naturally absent or because it was removed before, it’s possible that the teeth opposed to this « hole »  will need to be removed as well. Indeed, if a teeth grows on the inferior jaw while not having any counterpart on the upper arch, it will tend to keep growing and growing until it reaches an obstacle: the upper gums.

For your wisdom teeth removal on the South Shore, trust our dentists at Clinique Dentaire Champlain. To book an appointment, contact us!