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Top 10 Most Harmful Habits for The Health of Your Teeth

Top 10 Most Harmful Habits for The Health of Your Teeth

When some teeth are too damaged, they must be repaired or replaced with implants, crowns, veneers, prostheses, etc. At Clinique Dentaire Champlain in Brossard, a wish shared by the majority of our clients is to have a beautiful 100% natural dentition. In this blog, we present 10 habits to avoid in order to have healthy teeth.

1. Neglecting brushing: To avoid several oral problems, clean your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes with a soft-bristled brush.

2. Eat highly acidic foods: citrus fruits, soft drinks, coffee, vinegar and sour candies attack the enamel. Think “moderation”!

3. Smoking: in addition to staining teeth, smoking harms tissue oxygenation and promotes the development of oral diseases.

4. Grind your teeth: If you suffer from bruxism, know that there are effective solutions to this problem. Talk to your dentist about it!

5. Eat sweet, sticky foods: if you chew caramels or dried fruit, for example, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth immediately afterwards.

6. Bite hard things: to prevent microcracks in the enamel, avoid biting into ice cubes or cores and never use your teeth to tear packaging or open bottles.

7. Avoid flossing: the spaces between your teeth are not accessible to the bristles of the brush. Get into the habit of using silk every night!

8. Buy abrasive cosmetics: “ultra-white” toothpastes and bleaching kits sold in pharmacies can damage the enamel. Opt for professional dental care!

9. Engage in risky activities without protection: when playing a sport, knocks, falls and impacts can break your teeth. Wear a mouthguard!

10. Avoid dental appointments: don’t wait until you have a painful problem to see a doctor – a cleaning exam every 6 to 9 months is strongly recommended.

At Clinique Dentaire Champlain in Brossard, our team of dentists offers you a wide range of treatments and care – including professional, enamel safe whitening! – to give you a dazzling smile. A dental emergency? We are at your service 7 days a week: call us for an appointment the same day!

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