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In What Situations Can a Dental Crown be Required?

In What Situations Can a Dental Crown be Required?

At Clinique Dentaire Champlain in Brossard, our dentists provide a wide range of care for the whole family. These include the manufacture and placement of dental crowns. In this article, we will present some of the situations that require the use of this durable and aesthetic solution. Have a good reading!

What is a dental crown?
Made of metal (gold), ceramic, composite or porcelain, a dental crown is a prosthesis that covers a damaged tooth or replaces a missing tooth.

At Clinique Dentaire Champlain, we offer the placement of crowns bonded to natural teeth or fixed to implants (metal rods screwed into the jawbone). For a natural result that lasts more than 10 years, porcelain or ceramic crowns are ideal.

Under what circumstances can a dental crown be placed?
Several situations can lead you to need a dental crown. Here are 5 of them:

1. My tooth is weakened by cavities: if your tooth has a hole or cracked because of a particularly aggressive cavity, or if it is covered with unsightly fillings, a crown will stop this “massacre”!

2. My tooth is broken: if you have had an accident (during a sport or after a bad fall, for example) and you have lost a piece of tooth, a crown will give it back its full strength.

3. My tooth is fractured because of my bruxism: if you grind your teeth while you sleep and it has seriously damaged your teeth, choosing a crown is a smart choice!

4. My tooth is devitalized: if you have had root canal treatment after an infection of your dental pulp, it is in your best interest to have your vulnerable tooth “crowned”.

5. My tooth has a strange colour: if one of your teeth is naturally yellow, grey or brown, traditional bleaching treatments are of no use to you. Wear a porcelain crown that matches the rest of your teeth, and regain the desire to smile!

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