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3 tips to make your child want to go to the dentist

3 tips to make your child want to go to the dentist

Visits to the dentist being as important as they are for the healthy dental growth of your child, he or she will have to deal with the dentist. Some children are scared of the dentist, and this fear, if left unchecked, can translate to bad repercussions on their oral health in their adulthood.

Here are then 3 tips to prevent fear of the dentist in your child, and make him or her want to go.

Explain to them the reason

It’s important to explain to your child what the dentist does and why it’s important to go see him or her. Indeed, by explaining that, your child will be able to better understand and the unknown factor will be removed. We tend to fear what we don’t understand; it’s the same thing with your children.

There are a lot of children’s books out there that help your child’s learning and explain what the dentist is at the same time.

Familiarize them with the dentist

In the same line of thought of removing the unknown factor, familiarizing your child to the dentist will help him or her overcome those fears. Indeed, for a child, a stranger entering their bubble can be quite intimidating.

A good way to familiarize your child is to bring them along at a sibling’s routine cleaning and to let them observe to understand what the dentist does.

Be calm

During a visit to the dentist with your child, it’s important to remain calm. Children will generally turn to their parents when they’re not sure about a situation. If your child sees you nervous, they will be nervous as well. So, maintain a good attitude towards your visits to the dentist and your child will have the same attitude towards theirs.

Clinique Dentaire Champlain offers a complete family dentistry service. Our certified dentists love taking care of children, and will be able to quickly put yours at ease, thanks to their experience. 

For the whole family’s dentistry needs, Clinique Dentaire Champlain and its wide range of services is the place to go! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!