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5 Types of Dental Emergencies

5 Types of Dental Emergencies Entrusted to Our Dentists in Brossard

Few things are as unbearable as a toothache! Fortunately, at Clinique Dentaire Champlain in Brossard, we offer a dental emergency service 7 days a week to relieve our patients. Here are 5 types of dental emergencies that you should refer to our team of experienced dentists.

1. You have an oral infection
If you have an oral infection, consult one of our dentists right away! In addition to being very painful, an untreated dental abscess, for example, can lead to the formation of cysts. The infection can even spread to your throat or sinuses! It is therefore better to treat it as soon as possible.

2. You have been the victim of an accident
Were you practicing your favourite sport when an unfortunate accident occurred, breaking one or more of your teeth? So, come to our clinic as soon as possible. One of our dentists will suggest effective measures to repair or replace your damaged teeth.

3. Your dental prosthesis is defective
Is your fixed or removable dental prosthesis damaged or uncomfortable? Whether it is a problem related to a crown, a bridge or a dental implant, you can call on the emergency service offered at the Clinique Dentaire Champlain de Brossard. Our specialists will be able to help you!

4. You have lost a filling
After several years, the fillings may crumble or fall out. Since they prevent the aggravation and progression of cavities, they must be replaced. If you have lost a filling, call us right away!

5. You have a post-surgical hemorrhage
In rare cases, patients who have undergone surgery such as dental implants may experience bleeding. If this happens to you, consult one of our dentists as soon as possible! In addition to stopping the bleeding, it will ensure your complete recovery and give you personalized advice.

Other oral emergencies require the intervention of experienced specialists. If in doubt, call us at 450-923-1361.

For emergency care in Brossard, contact the Clinique Dentaire Champlain!

At Clinique Dentaire Champlain, our experienced dentists provide emergency care 7 days a week. We are known for our expertise and the quality of our interventions. We also offer a wide variety of treatments ranging from tooth whitening to periodontics, root canal treatment and scaling. So, whatever your needs, you can benefit from our know-how: contact us!