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Clinique Dentaire Champlain

Clinique Dentaire Champlain provides clients of all ages with a comprehensive range of family dentistry services on the South Shore.
No matter what your reasons are for visiting us, you’ll leave with a complete explanation of your situation and a curative treatment, as needed.

Call in the morning for a same-day appointment

Emergency services 7 days a week

Call in the morning for a same-day appointment

Emergency services 7 days a week

Opt for prevention


Dental sealant efficiently prevents tooth decay. Sealant application blocks plaque from spreading throughout dental furrows and clacks.

Teeth Grinding


Do you feel painful pressure in your jaw when you wake up? Using a custom-made bite plate can help you to protect your teeth if you suffer from bruxism.

Wisdom teeth or other


Wisdom teeth and tooth heavily damaged by caries or any other problems of the supporting tissues can be extracted.

Endodontics or


This treatment becomes necessary when the dental pulp is affected by a cavity or trauma or when it undergoes necrosis (dies). It can also be used for preventive purposes after certain restorations are performed.

For a radiant and healthy smile


Whether you’re coming to us for your first visit or a routine exam, our experienced dental hygienists have access to modern and effective tools. We explain our treatments and perform meticulous follow ups. Education and prevention are our dental hygienists’ strengths.

Dental Care for Your Gums


We evaluate and treat gums and supporting tissues in order to help you maintain good oral health.

For a Perfect Smile


There are solutions in order for you to get back the sparkling smile you’ve once had. Today we have all the means necessary to provide an effective teeth whitening service.

Dentures, Bridges, and Veneers


For cosmetic or restorative purposes, or to treat a bite problem, Clinique Dentaire Champlain offers solutions that are tailored to your needs, such as all kinds of prostheses.

Capping with a permanent


A dental crown is an excellent solution if you are missing a tooth or when a filling is not an option, as in the case of a heavily damaged tooth.

A longterm solution


We offer a permanent solution for dentitions that require reconstruction, whether aesthetic or medically necessary.

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